01 Aug 2018
11 LinkedIn Visibility Tips


I recently took part in Micro Biz Matters Day.  It happens on the 2nd Friday of January and you can follow all of the action by using the #MicroBizMatters and #IGave11 hashtags.

Why 11? This year’s event took place on Friday 11th of January and the idea was simply to encourage people to give 11 tips or 11 something (could be 11 minutes) promoting or supporting a micro business.

I decided to give 11 tips as to how micro biz owners can improve their visibility on LinkedIn.

  1. Get clarity on your target audience. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to connect with them on LinkedIn.
  2. Speak in the language of your target audience throughout your LinkedIn profile and content.
  3. Get clear on how you can work with someone. Make it easy for your target audience to choose YOU as the one to work with.
  4. Share the benefits that your clients will get by working with YOU. Don’t just list the features – list the transformation. People don’t buy products and services, they buy the end result.
  5. Be consistent on LinkedIn and show up regularly. Offer help, answer questions, forget selling and start to build relationships. This will help with the know, trust and like factor.
  6. Choose a visibility strategy that you love, this way you are likely to maintain momentum. If you prefer to contact connections via direct message over content in the home feed this is absolutely fine. If you love blogging or making videos than stick to that. We are all different so do what works best for you.
  7. Introduce connections that you think would work well together. This is a gentle way of raising your visibility and helping others.
  8. Share your message and voice with confidence. When you are confident about what you are sharing on LinkedIn then others will have confidence about working with you too.
  9. Set a daily LinkedIn time budget and stick with it. This way you will be more focused and work smarter.
  10. A big part of visibility is around sharing great content. Get inspired and listen to podcasts, read books and blogs and widen your circle of influence. Follow interesting company pages, influencers and schools. Join a myriad of LinkedIn groups and connect to quality people with a strong message.
  11. Share your mistakes and learnings with others. Teach people what you know and how they can avoid making the same mistake as you. Step into the role of being an expert and you will be much more visible by becoming the go-to person in your field or niche.

For more information check out https://microbizmatters.co.uk 

This blog was first published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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