26 Jan 2020
BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit



Seven UK based female business owners from the South East and South West are set to launch a unique event, the BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit, on 22 February.


The inspiring team of entrepreneurs are on a mission to help others grow their businesses and smash their goals for becoming more visible, and this one-day, virtual summit promises to help do exactly that.


Open to both employed professionals and business owners, the key focus for the event is to show how using Marketing, PR, Copywriting, LinkedIn and Mindset Coaching can attain the results needed to create a strong message, grow an audience and have the confidence to showcase their knowledge and expertise.


This is a masterclass designed for those who really want to make the most of their personal brand and achieve have success both online and offline, which until now they’ve found to be a big challenge.


Organiser, Jennifer Corcoran (aka My Super Connector), says, “Forget fluff, the BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit is all about helping forward-thinking businesses owners and professionals to show up and commit to building their brands.  We are working in challenging times, but if you’re smart and you know how to raise your visibility with confidence, you can make an impact that will help you to grow personally and professionally.


She adds, “I don’t believe you need to be the loudest person in the room to make an impact, but what you do need to be is visible and that is what this event will help you do.  I am excited to be leading a group of women with incredible skills and believe we will inspire people to learn and grow on 22 February and this as just the beginning.”


Fellow co-host Dionne Smith of DPS Brand Consultancy comments, “This isn’t just a watch and take notes event. We encourage attendees to interact with the presenters, so they really get the most out of the information and resources on offer. All you need is a computer and Wi-Fi and if you can’t make it on the day, the sessions will be on replay until 17 March so there is no need to miss out on this unique event.”


To book your ticket go to: https://visibility-summit-2020.heysummit.com

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Notes to Editors


About BrandMe! 2020 Virtual Summit:

BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit was born from online magazine BrandMe! and Is all about seven UK based female business owners coming together to help others to become visible.


About My Super Connector

Jennifer Corcoran BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit


Jennifer Corcoran runs ‘My Super Connector, an award-winning social media consultancy that helps small businesses to polish up their LinkedIn profiles and connect with finesse in order to achieve business and career success.

Jennifer believes you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to make an impact, you simply need to be effective. Social media gives us equal access to success, no matter what our personality type and allows us all to get our voice in the room.



Website: www.mysuperconnector.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07482 252 244



About DPS Brand Consultancy

Dionne Smith BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit


Dionne is the Founder and MD of DPS Brand Consultancy Ltd and BrandMe! Personal Branding for Professional women, an award-winning consultant, offering both business and personal branding solutions to her clients.

Dionne’s passion is to support professionals and business owners to focus on valuing both their personal and professional story. Using their knowledge, skills and experience to create and share a message that is truly unique and authentic to who they are is the best way to take ownership of and feel confident about their brand.



Website: https://www.dpsbrandconsultancy.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  020 8333 1435 / Mob: +44 (0)7985 574744


Guest Speakers (in order of appearance):


Ruth Kudzi (Coach)

Ruth Kudzi BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit









Lucy Griffiths (Video Strategist)

Lucy Griffiths BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit









Laura Sands (Copywriter)

Laura Sands BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit



Irene Moore (Savvy Startup Club)

Irene Moore BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit



Natalie Trice (PR School)

Natalie Trice BrandMe! 2020 Visibility Summit



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