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Whilst Dionne had made a lot of great effort with her profile, there were still key areas missing that I felt she should be maximising to attract her ideal clients.

“As a brand consultant, ironically the one thing you usually neglect is your own brand! Being so client focused, I was totally engrossed in supporting my clients to look and sound their best online and feel confident in themselves and their services, I totally forgot that I need to do the same for myself. I thought my LinkedIn Profile looked ok before I enrolled in Jennifer’s training and then realised how much I was missing out on!

Jennifer is kind, warm, professional and goes above and beyond what you would expect of her. There are so many LinkedIn professionals out there who are very technical about how to use the platform, but Jennifer is the ‘human’ face of LinkedIn.  She’s personable and takes you through things in a jargon free, simplistic way that not only means you see exactly how to make your profile look amazing, but that it’s not as scary as you may think it is.  Best of all I’ve landed 3 new clients and tripled my revenue!”

Melissa Fretwell White Camino


Melissa is a marketing consultant with an extensive background in Entertainment marketing from many a misspent year in the Broadcast industry. She decided upon an epic life change, escaped to Ibiza with the family and launched White Camino. A fresh lean marketing agency set up to support challenger brands, charities and social enterprises. Launching just before lockdown she spent the majority of her time creating the web presence, delivering projects and ended up neglecting her LinkedIn profile.

After completing 1:1 training with me she is now a LinkedIn convert:

“To be brutally honest, I had been avoiding getting truly stuck in to LinkedIn until I met Jennifer at a virtual conference we were both speaking at. Her energy and enthusiasm for the platform encouraged me to book in a Maximise Your Profile Power Hour. 

Before working with Jennifer, I had used LinkedIn as the platform for trade PR announcements and job hunting.  I was keen to reappraise it after becoming firstly freelance then a founder. Fellow founders warned me off advertising on the platform and paying for the premium service.  Understanding that other social media platforms are pay to play, I was sceptical about how much I could do organically.  I hadn’t even scratched the surface of the LinkedIn groups, that could be really interesting.

I am now a convert.  I’ve increased confidence that my profile looks good, so when connecting I feel more professional and happy that my profile represents exactly what I do and my values.  I’m connected with the right people (not just within my profession, but other influencers on LinkedIn).”

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Clare is a specialist physiotherapist with a central-London based practice. With the pressure of running a practice and attending to her own clients, she was struggling to find the time to give her LinkedIn profile the attention she felt it needed.  Clare is really pleased with the results of our 121 strategy session:

“The personalised information Jennifer has given me to improve my profile has been spot on and she has taught me how to use LinkedIn properly so I can now continue to build my network. Jennifer has been very professional, responsive and empathetic to my lack of knowledge. No question too silly! I have recommended her to several of my peers and would encourage anyone wanting support with their LinkedIn to contact her. I’ve new revenue streams, referral pathways and private sector partnerships!”

I’m always so pleased when my clients recommend me to their connections, and have her permission to share this:

‘Hey Rebecca – I worked with Jennifer Corcoran (aka The SuperConnector) for my LinkedIn audit and am soon arranging a small social media platform training session with her for clinicians! I would highly recommend her – one off fee and she will give you a personalised plan of how to improve things. I have already made back the money I spent on the audit within 1 month through new business and connections!’

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Uncomfortable with looking ‘pushy’, copywriter Laura stayed away from posting on LinkedIn and avoided commenting on posts.  She was keen to understand how to use LinkedIn to grow her business and is thrilled with her results:

“Wow! After struggling with LinkedIn for some time, I thought it might be time to get professional help. I called on Jennifer for a LinkedIn review, hoping she’d be able to give me a few tips to improve my LinkedIn results with as little pain as possible.  What Jennifer delivered was well beyond my expectations. 

Jennifer’s advice is tactful, well-presented and very results-driven. Her natural desire to help shines through in the advice she provides; I really felt Jennifer was keen for me to thrive, and that I wasn’t just “another client”. A blend of old-fashioned common-sense mixed in with some really whizzy techniques means I have a far better understanding of how to make LinkedIn work for me and a strategic approach.  Jennifer’s expertise was invaluable.  LinkedIn has become an invaluable part of my business to the extent that I now can’t imagine working without it. Thank you Jennifer!

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