Skin Aesthetics Dr Qian Xu

For too long, I was burying my head in the sand, hoping that somehow, social media would go away. There certainly was no social media lesson in medical school! I was so relieved when a friend recommended Jennifer to me. She really knew her stuff and gave me lots of useful and easy-to-apply tips. She did an audit of all my social media platforms and then sent me a detailed report of how I can improve them. Now I schedule and post all my own posts and actually, it’s not as difficult and time consuming as I first thought! Thank you Jennifer!

Qian was never a big fan of social media but since she started building up her aesthetics business, she was forced to use it more. She started dabbling in it, trying different platforms, and ended up spending hours on things which didn’t seem to actually make any difference to her business. This was when a mutual contact put her in touch with me.

How My Super Connector helped:
To give her online presence a boost, Qian employed me to work as her Social Media Manager. I carried out an audit of Qian’s social media accounts (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) and recognised several ways she could cut through to her key audiences and boost her expert profile.

What happened:

Prior to working with me Qian had been on LinkedIn for 2 years but didn’t use it at all.  In her own words she was a LinkedIn novice.  She now has a solid profile that is working for her and is getting her noticed by the right people.  Her confidence has grown through the roof and LinkedIn is now a vital part of her social media and networking mix.

With the extra confidence I gave her, Qian went on to set up an unique Facebook community for aesthetic practitioners, where she not only offers valuable advice to them but organise regular networking events as well. This helps strengthen her position in the world of aesthetics and gives other professionals a boost through education and network building, helping strengthen the image of the aesthetics profile in the UK.

As the first of its kind, the Facebook community has been incredibly successful with over 1000 members already making the most of this positive opportunity. It continues to grow and is visibly helping build Qian’s brand, reputation and business.

Qian is also embracing the world of Instagram, and now has the confidence to schedule and post all Instagram content herself. Instagram is an ideal channel for the aesthetics market, and she’s establishing her presence with great success.

Qian is delighted with the effect of her increased social media presence: “Jennifer has been such a help. She has taught and encouraged me to do it myself, and after burying my head in the sand for so long I know it’s not as difficult and time consuming as I first thought!”

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