How can LinkedIn mentoring help me?

I help you increase your LinkedIn visibility and make your voice heard in our busy online world. This is how:

  • By polishing your online image and digital presence to better reflect you and your abilities.
  • Helping you identify the most appropriate LinkedIn strategies for you and your business.
  • Helping you develop your networking skills, giving you more confidence in your ability to connect and engage with others.


Working with me will mean you:

  • Increase your confidence ✔
  • Better communicate your brand integrity and values ✔
  • Drive your career / business success ✔
  • Save time ✔


Are we the right fit?

  1. Are you willing to invest to get results on LinkedIn?
  2. Do you take personal responsibility and action?
  3. Do you have integrity?
  4. Are you aware of your personal brand and target audience?

I can help you raise your profile, increase online engagement, attract more leads and build social media presence.


What is my working process?
Kick-off: We talk about what your goals are and you give me your LinkedIn Profile URL.

Agreement: I send you my Terms of Service Agreement and invoice. You can sign the Agreement electronically. It is your choice to list a company address or provide only your email address and basic contact information.

121 Strategy Session: This virtual or face to face session must be taken within 30 days of purchase.

LinkedIn Audit: I will send you your audit within 14 working days.  My audits are full of honest and constructive feedback ready for you to implement at your own pace.  Ideally it’s best to get this to you ahead of our 121 session.


What are my office hours?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10am to 4pm (GMT)


Do I offer refunds?
I do not want anyone to be unhappy with my service.  If you can prove to me that you have implemented all of the advice that I have given you and are still not getting any traction I’m more than happy to discuss a refund or alternative remedy to the situation.