What will my 121 services do for you?
I help you increase your LinkedIn visibility and make your voice heard in our busy online world. This is how:

  • By polishing your online image and digital presence to better reflect you and your abilities.
  • Helping you identify the most appropriate LinkedIn strategies for you and your business.
  • Helping you develop your networking skills, giving you more confidence in your ability to connect and engage with others.

Working with me will mean you:

  • Increase your confidence ✔
  • Better communicate your brand integrity and values ✔
  • Drive your career / business success ✔
  • Save time ✔

What is my working process?
Kick-off: We will talk about what your goals are and you give me your LinkedIn URL.

Agreement: I send you my Terms of Service Agreement and invoice. You can sign the Agreement electronically. It is your choice to list a company address or provide only your email address and basic contact information.

Audit / Makeover Report: Once payment has been received, I will send you your review within 30 working days. Full of honest and constructive feedback, your documents include a strategy ready for you to implement at your own pace.

121 Discussion: It is time to ask questions and ask for further advice on your strategy. We will work through your plan collaboratively – answering all your questions and “what-ifs?”.  This virtual or face to face session must be taken within 30 days of purchase.  This will hold you accountable to master LinkedIn within 1 month.

Afterwards: If you need further accountability, I’m more than happy to touch base once a week by email to check-in with you and monitor your progress.  I am here to help and happy to answer your questions as you find your feet.

Who do I work with?
I focus my services on the following groups of people:

➢ Entrepreneurs: I will help you attract more leads, increase sales and build social media presence.

➢ Professionals: Let me help you increase your online engagement, raise your profile and implement targeted digital content strategies.

➢ SMES: Together we can drive revenue by increasing website traffic and exposure to your products and services.

➢ Introverts: Don’t be shy! As a fellow introvert, I am on a mission to level the playing field and help other introverts increase their presence and engagement online.

I only work with a handful of like-minded clients at any given time.

My ideal 121 clients are 40+ heart-centred Coaches, Consultants and Trainers.

What are my office hours?
Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 10am to 5pm (GMT)

Do I offer refunds?
I do not want anyone to be unhappy with my service.  If you can prove to me that you have implemented all of the advice that I have given you and still not got any traction I’m more than happy to discuss a refund or alternative remedy to the situation.