I’m not starting from zero but my LinkedIn game isn’t working yet. I can’t wait months to build a LinkedIn lead system. I need your help now!

Are you ready to attract ideal clients on LinkedIn? 

Join me for a personal intensive where we deep dive into your strategy to ensure every hour you spend on LinkedIn is not wasted!

You keep hearing that LinkedIn is a goldmine for lead generation.  Coaches, consultants and service based entrepreneurs wax lyrical about their success on LinkedIn but it’s not working for you.  You feel unsure of what to post and want to better understand LinkedIn etiquette.  You want to create a high converting LinkedIn profile and expand your network without feeling like ‘the spammy person’.
The good news?

Let me spill the ‘tea’ – LinkedIn is a level playing field you can master. Because everyone needs a 360 degree holistic approach to get LinkedIn fully working to consistently attract and find ideal clients. 

You  can win clients on LinkedIn without selling your soul with awkward cold outreach, posting endless selfies or sounding desperate in spammy DMs.

It is possible to get clients using LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day, no matter who your ideal client is, what your niche or how professional you are….

…without creating endless reams of content or having to spend your limited marketing budget on paid ads to get your posts seen.

I know what it’s like to run a business and wear 17 hats. If you’re tired of juggling your time between delivering your services for your clients and chasing down the next client, you need a LinkedIn lead funnel.  And this is that system.  I only wish I had it when I started on LinkedIn in 2011.


I love helping female entrepreneurs like you build your bespoke LinkedIn system step-by-step.  I don’t know about you but as an introvert, empath and HSP I’m done with noisy 6-12 month group programmes where you lose motivation and momentum and slowly lose the will to live!


If you want an elegant approach to generating leads and staying true to your brand on read on. Introducing…. ta-dah!


A LinkedIn 1 Day Intensive that’ll take your LinkedIn lead generation system from zero to hero on (almost) autopilot.

APPLY TODAY - £3,000

Here’s how it works

We make a plan: We focus on your unique situation and your goals for your VIP Intensive.

Your VIP experience starts before our time together with the onboarding questionnaire and bonus goodies.

We hunker down to laser-focus and finish your session with one or more of your top priorities from the list below done

The experience continues for 7 days to ensure you stay focused and supported. I spend 7 hours minimum on your business!


Re-energise your profile to only attract ideal clients


Edit your company page to showcase your “authority”


Master a DM and / or content visibility strategy


Implement my unique Personalised Nurture Tracker (30-Minute a Day System) for authentic and warm lead generation

Bonus – Professionally designed profile and company page banners!
Working with Jen was the catalyst I needed to take my business to the next level! Jen helped me tweak and strengthen my profile, develop a content strategy, and build a system for engaging with my connections consistently. My confidence has soared and I’m now certain of how my use of LinkedIn can help to grow my business.

Eryn Morgan

Dr Susan

Jen’s VIP Day was the best professional investment I have made for years. From the pre-course preparation to the dynamic day, Jen was pitch-perfect. She is a brilliant strategic thinking partner, and quickly identified my skills while indicating areas to leverage my impact. She is an excellent listener and skilfully steers transformational conversations.  Her detailed follow up is generous and invaluable.

Dr Susan Laverick

Lori Hastings
I had the pleasure of working with Jen to set up my LinkedIn account, and it was an incredible experience! I achieved a 10x ROI on my investment – which was exciting. Jen gives her all, sharing her expertise and going the extra mile to meet you exactly where you are in your journey.

Lori Hastings

Working with Jen has been a brilliant investment of time, energy and money. I’ve learnt a huge amount and I’ve already gained back the investment. She has helped me propel my business presence and confidence online hugely and I’ve loved working with her.

Tamsyn Allington

Sarah Cook
I had a 1-2-1 with Jen where we went through my profile, content, outreach, DMs and keeping a tracker. Jen’s help didn’t stop there, she checks in with hints, tips and suggestions she thinks are relevant and helpful to me and it’s lovely to have this ongoing support.

Sarah Cook

Louise GW
Jen really understood that this was what I really needed from LinkedIn, and rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Jen tailored our session so that it was focused on building upon the foundations that were already there. With Jen’s help I had 200 sign-ups for my first webinar and booked 11 sales calls!

Louise Gregson-Williams


After the VIP day with Jen, I felt invigorated and armed with knowledge. The cloud of confusion had lifted, replaced by a clear vision of how to harness LinkedIn’s power to make an impact.  And let’s talk about the resources — each one was a gem. Thoughtfully strategic processes, curated designs for increased visibility, handy templates, and cheat sheets that were not just useful for the day but will serve as invaluable tools for my journey ahead.

Louise MacFarlane


Working with Jen, she started providing value before, during, and after we had a session. She went above and beyond. As a result of our session, I had not only my profile elevated but also a clear LinkedIn plan I could immediately start implementing. Her advice on content strategy was incredible. Now, I can be laser focused and happily tap into the potential that LinkedIn provides. Voxer was a really great add-on to the whole experience. And Jen herself, she is such a remarkable person. I received top-notch service.

Edyta Rynkowska

Is a LinkedIn VIP Intensive Day right for me?

This is perfect for you if need a:


Really quick win
(and can’t wait weeks, months or years to generate qualified leads)


Spotlight your authority
or restart a stalled page or profile

(you’re not attracting the RIGHT audience)


Simple 30-minute-day system
(to generate real ROI for your business)

This is for you if you're clear on your offer, niche and ideal client.
This is for you if you're committed to making LinkedIn your primary social media platform for getting clients.
This is for you if you're ready to listen to an expert, do the work and be consistent in order to see results.
This is for you if profile isn’t up to date and looks mismatched.
This is for you if your messaging isn't very clear.
This is for you if you're posting and hearing crickets, engaging with people and answering questions but it goes nowhere.
This is for you if you're not sure what to focus on and where to put your attention and efforts. You don’t have a structured approach to finding or tracking potential clients.
This is for you if you're reluctant to send messages to people you don’t know and don’t know what to say to them.
This is for you if you're fed up of your poor LinkedIn results and want to change the story.
This is NOT for you if you only want to “try LinkedIn out” and still spend most of your time on other platforms (that doesn’t work).
This is NOT for you if you’re looking for a silver bullet to get clients tomorrow with little to no work on your part (they don’t exist)
This is NOT for you if you’ve just started your business and are still struggling to work out what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to.
This is NOT for you if you don't want to listen to advice and take committed action. My most successful clients listen to my advice and implement. You will get results and ROI if you prioritise the lead generation activities I outline for you.
This is NOT for you if you don't want to turn LinkedIn engagement into money in the bank.
This is NOT for you if you want group support - I only work 1:1 and give bespoke advice based on your business versus generic soundbites.

Generate up to 5 qualified leads a week from LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day!

Your VIP experience starts before our time together with the onboarding questionnaire and bonus goodies. On the day we’ll spend quality time together (3.5 hours), where you’ll get my complete focus on your business. In total I’ll spend 7 hours on your LinkedIn strategy!

You’ll emerge feeling empowered with the lead generating system your business needs.

If you’re serious about growing your business quickly with LinkedIn, this is how you do it!

THE thing that sets apart coaches and consultants who successfully scale is a LinkedIn strategy versus a ‘spray & pray’ approach. I’ll guide you through my tried-and-tested 4 step process so that you’re crystal clear on what you need to do to grow your business.

I’ll show you how to leverage LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day.

And all from the comfort of your home!

Juicy BONUSES (worth a whopping £2,144) when you book in today!

vip bonus_linkedin

Access to DIY LinkedIn Profile Course (£175)

vip bonus_Canva

Canva plug-in & play content templates (£399)

vip bonus_research

Access to Non Sleazy DMs Masterclass (£175)

vip bonus_google

Google plug-in & play templates for audience building (£399)

vip bonus_sales script

DM Scripts which you can personalise to create opportunities (£299)

vip bonus_call script

30-min Sales Call Script Template (£299)

vip bonus_design support

Professionally designed LinkedIn profile banner (£199)

vip bonus_design support_company

Designed LinkedIn company page banner (£199)

Are you ready for this?

YES to attracting and finding ideal clients (individual & corporate)
YES to using your time efficiently to network & grow your pipeline of leads
YES to a LinkedIn marketing plan that is easy for you to commit to
YES to converting content into conversations and working with your ideal clients
YES to growing your business and hitting that next revenue goal
YES to strategic relationships & partnerships that set you up for long-term growth
YES to feeling confident and in flow versus feeling boring, spammy or salesy
YES to never having to go back to paid employment
YES to attracting ideal clients with ease versus feeling burned out
YES to operating at a higher frequency - time to step into the future you!
APPLY NOW - £3,000

FAQS - Your Fellow Female Entrepreneurs Asked Me

What 1:1 work will we be doing together?

I will spend 7 hours (minimum) on your business strategy – I start working on your profile, content & strategy ahead of the day and together on the day we’ll spend 3.5 hours on zoom – with extra time for comfort breaks.

I’m a busy business owner stretched for time. How much time do I need to dedicate to LinkedIn to get this all working?

I help you create a system of inbound leads (with only 30 minutes a day) while staying true to your brand without zapping your time and energy.  Time to say goodbye to feeling burned out and emotionally drained and Hello to feeling aligned, confident and in flow!

I’m not in the position to invest in paid advertising campaigns, will this program show me how to market organically to find clients?

I specialise in organic reach so no need to worry about paid ads.

Do I have to have a lot of LinkedIn connections already?

Nope! I will show you how to build a quality network from scratch and scale your existing connections.  I worked with Lori who had only 40 connections and converted 2 of them!

Do I have to sign up for a LinkedIn Premium account?

Nope! Everything in this program is based on organic reach.  If you have a Premium Account I can show you how to make the most out of it but it’s not a pre-requisite.

How quickly will I see results? Can you guarantee my success?

I help you prioritise activities that get you the biggest return on investment. If you’re willing to invest 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn and remain consistent and focused, you’ll see results within a few months. I’ll help you feel empowered to take aligned action to move the needle for your business.  My clients who get the best results follow my framework.

Who is the VIP day for?

This program is for introverted, empathic and sensitive female business owners who are ready to gain control over the volume of leads and sales they book.

Do you have a contract?

Nope – it’s a VIP day service so I think it’s pretty self explanatory.  Happy to chat through any concerns you may have and showcase client testimonials, case studies and results. I’ve 400+ recommendations on LinkedIn across my profile and services page.

Is there an Advanced option which includes more support?

Yes.  I do an Advanced VIP day which includes 30 days support on voxer as well as live implementation support for a LinkedIn event (live, webinar, audio event, summit, networking etc).

You’ll feel encouraged and supported with regular check-ins and nudges.

How much is the Advanced VIP Day?

The advanced option costs £5,000.

It is possible to do the standard VIP day and then upgrade as required.

What if I still have questions?
I want to make sure that this is the right investment for you and your business. Email jennifer@mysuperconnector.co.uk and I’ll answer all your questions and am happy to hop on a call!


Some Recent Client Results:

– I helped Louise create her first webinar and get 200 sign-ups, 75 people added to her email list, 12 sales calls and 6 clients (so far!)

– Susan did her first LinkedIn Live with me and got 6 sales calls and landed several big clients

– Lori managed to get 30k worth of business despite having less than 40 connections

– Nina was introduced to 17 Podcast Hosts

– Eryn said working with me was the catalyst to take her business to the next level


Your Lead Jen x

ps I’ve won the title of the #1 Most Trusted Marketing Consultant in the UK.

You’re in safe, kind and expert hands.