28 Oct 2018
How to leverage your Award win


So, you have done all the hard work and been shortlisted for an Award. Now what?

How do you leverage this new accomplishment?


Read on for some top tips and some great ways to maximise your win and let everyone share in your success:


  • Social Media: Share your award recognition across all of your social media platforms. If there are official photos share them.  If there aren’t any, be inventive and take a few of you holding the award or certificate for maximum impact.  When sharing make sure you include any relevant industry or campaign hashtags and tag in everyone involved so that they can also share the happy news.
  • Email signature: Add the new award logo to your email signature.
  • Press release: Send out a press release to update your customers and journalists. If possible include a quote in the release and if you can get one from a third party that will add to the credibility.  Tell the world and share it far and wide.  This will help with SEO.
  • Website: Add the logo to your site – ideally on your homepage or dedicated PR page. Include photos and testimonials where possible.
  • Blog: Highlight the award in a blog or blog series and send it out to all of your connections. You could do a blog that works as a round-up of people that were at the awards and let them know that you have included them so that they will share alongside the event organisers.  You could also do another post about reasons to enter awards and suggest awards they could enter.   Get creative.
  • Marketing materials: You can add the new logo to all of your marketing materials like brochures, media kits etc.  You may even want to add it to event / conference signage to effectively display your win.
  • Social listening: Make a list of all the stories that you come across which are highlighting the awards and add them to a PR / ‘in the news’ section of your website. This will help with SEO and also raise your visibility long after the awards have finished.


Don’t just take my word for it – read on for some golden nuggets.


“Get ahead of the game and start thinking like a winner.  Prepare a press release in advance promoting your win, put yourself forward as a spokesperson for the awards organiser’s press campaign, get an email ready to tell your clients and let them know your exclusive news first.  Think creatively about how you can promote your win at different timescales, in the immediate term, days later, weeks and months down the line.”

Lorraine Bridges, Director of Bare PR and Chartered PR Practitioner 



“Announcing an award win can sometimes feel a bit self-congratulatory. There are various ways of getting the message across that you’ve won without being quite so in your face. Firstly, be sure to highlight those who have helped get you there. Loop them in on social media and thank them…they’ll also be more likely to share your message if they’re included in it! Secondly, enable others to benefit from your success. You could reward staff with a team night out or thank customers for their support with a special offer; people are more likely to receive (and share!) your news when they’re getting something out of it!”


Maddy Duxbury, Communications Consultant & Founder of www.eastcroydoncool.co.uk


“It’s so important to make the most of your award status, finalist, shortlisted, winner – whatever the stage.   Being recognised in an award can make a real difference when winning new clients or a new job.   And it’s a great chance to celebrate too.   Wishing all the finalists in the London 2018 Venus Awards the best of luck.”


Tara Howard, Founder of the Venus Awards & Venus Business School 



“Sharing the news that you’ve been shortlisted is a great way to obtain free publicity for your business. Start to capitalise on your success by announcing it on social media – your website, Twitter, Facebook – and thank your clients (by name if applicable), suppliers or staff for their role in your achievement.

Issue a press release to the local or trade media that most appeals to your audience or market. Send it to clients, partners and suppliers who will like to know they are dealing with a company which has been recognised for its operation.  The awards organisers will also have their own PR teams who will welcome feedback and quotes from shortlisted companies, particularly if you have a good story surrounding the business or the category you have been shortlisted in.  Of course, if you win or are commended, you can repeat the process and gain even more publicity.”


Beverley Morrison, PR and Communications Editor – White Label Creative



“Awards are great for both your business and personal branding as they help to showcase your professionalism and recognise the work you have done in your area of expertise. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your hard work and the dedication you provide to your clients and your industry. If you have the opportunity to be video’d at the awards ceremony, that’s another great way to leverage your win through your social and online presence as video tends to create more impact for your audience.”


Dionne Smith, Personal and Business Branding Coach, Consultant and Trainer



Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start tooting that horn!


How to leverage your Award winHow to leverage your Award win


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