Imagine that tomorrow an incredible contact views your LinkedIn profile. Based entirely upon that page, they’re going to decide whether to approach you or not. How do you feel?

You might spend hours fretting over a cover letter or your website copy but increasingly, LinkedIn is the place where you’ll be found. Yet so many people don’t make their profiles anywhere near as attractive as their CVs or websites.  So are you confident with your LinkedIn profile and activity?

How do others see you? What messages are you sending out?


It’s time to make your LinkedIn profile as fantastic as you are.

Make the most of who you are with this LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session.

Ideally suited to service-based professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners ready to make their LinkedIn Profile work harder, these tailored tutorials will help you add sparkle and authority to your presence. They’ll teach you how to post your way to success. That’s what LinkedIn is. It’s a tool that can truly propel you right to where you want to go.

My LinkedIn 121 Strategy Sessions are perfect for you if you need a ‘sounding board’ and someone to help bring focus and clarity.


What’s Included?

Your LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session is unique to you and includes:

  • A full review of your LinkedIn profile and account activity (written audit).
  • 1 x 60 minutes Skype / Zoom call.
  • Practical advice to help you strengthen your profile and engagement.
  • A simple and effective posting and engagement plan.
  • Comprehensive feedback email is provided after every session.


What’s the Result?

  • By the end of your LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session, you will have all the tools you need to write a compelling profile, adapted for relevant keywords and your niche alongside a sparkling content strategy.
  • Anyone looking at your profile will understand what you do and what you stand for, quickly and without doubt.
  • You will be easy to find on LinkedIn and will find it easier to build your network thanks to your clear and relevant profile.
  • You will be able to confidently build trust and authority with the tips and hacks you pick up during the session.
  • You will know how to use LinkedIn confidently and strategically to support your brand and your business or role.
  • My goal is to not only get you the RESULTS you want using LinkedIn (more visibility, opportunity, leads & money), I want to save you TIME.



(Trust me I’ve heard them all and more)


Excuse #1:  I know I need to build my brand, but I want to wait until… the timing is right, my website/company is launched, things calm down at work, I have more time to dedicate…

Truth Bomb:

  1. There’s never a “perfect time”.
  2. You have a brand. The question is: are you the one in control of it?


Excuse #2:  I’m going to see what I can do for free first…

Truth Bomb:  Sure you can spend a lot of time reading free content, listening to podcasts, watching videos, attending free webinars and downloading free checklists but I know that free content will only take you so far.  Your personal brand is your business and you need to start thinking of it that way!


Excuse #3:  I don’t have time for another social networking platform.

Truth Bomb:  No matter what you do for a living, LinkedIn is the best and most efficient place to grow your brand – regardless of which industry you’re in.


Prefer the personal touch?  I currently offer face to face sessions in Exeter and tea / coffee is on me.

I meet clients in cafes, hotels or co-working spaces so there is a spot which will be the right fit for you to get relaxed and ready to differentiate yourself from the rest of the LinkedIn crowd.

Don’t be daunted by LinkedIn, whip your online presence into shape with a bespoke LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session, focused on nurturing your success.

Some happy clients:

Ruth Kudzi Testimonial LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session

Lucy Griffiths Testimonial LinkedIn Strategy Session


Investment in yourself: £150 – LinkedIn 121 x 1 Hour Strategy Session (In Person / Virtual)

Investment in yourself: £299 – VIP LinkedIn 121 Strategy Session

(Written Audit Report & 1 Hour Strategy Session as above)



Next Steps:

You can book below and I will follow up with my Calendly link.

If you prefer to pay via BACS or have any further queries please check out my FAQs.

You can also mail me at or call 07482 252 244.

I look forward to helping you shine online!


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By checking this box, I agree to your terms & conditions.
I would like to join Jennifer’s mailing list for LinkedIn tips and updates. Please sign me up.