15 Feb 2023
LinkedIn 2022 Round Up Blog

Who’s ready to see a recap of the most impactful LinkedIn updates for 2022?

Stick the kettle on, grab a cuppa and let’s go!


Ready steady go Jen Corcoran LinkedIn Consultant

January 2022 

LinkedIn Audio Rooms


These first rolled out with US users in January.

➡️ LinkedIn Audios are ‘events’ and therefore can be found by using the search bar at the top left of your LinkedIn home feed and using the ‘event’ filter. You can also spot them on your home feed by following people who host them.

➡️ Similar to other events you can be invited to join. This invitation will come through to your Network Tab.

➡️ If you find an audio event which peaks your curiosity clean ‘ATTEND’. This will then show up in the event area of your LinkedIn account – scroll down your home feed and you’ll see the ‘events’ shortcut on the left hand side of the feed.

➡️ Joining an audio room is similar to joining a LinkedIn Live event. You can join from desktop, mobile, iPhone and Android and need to simply click ‘JOIN’. When you want to leave simply click ‘leave event’.

➡️ Creating an audio event is easy. You simply need to go to the event tab. Create a new event with the + sign and select audio from the dropdown. Similar to other events you will need to fill out information such as the event description and include an image.

➡️ The current speaker has a green ring around their profile photo indicating that they are on the mic – similar to the green ring in messenger to indicate that you are on the app.

➡️ There are reaction buttons so that the audience can participate. The audience are in ‘listening mode’ and you need to click the ‘Raise’ button to ask to speak on stage.

➡️ There is a networking tab in each event giving you a personalised breakdown of the participants in 4 key areas 1) First level connections 2) University connections 3) Geography 4) Industry. You can also explore the analytics of your audio event as host.

➡️ Some useful hashtags to follow (to keep in the loop) are #linkedinaudio #linkedinaudioevent.

I personally can’t wait until audio is rolled out to groups as I think it will be the game changer! I’m still waiting LinkedIn…


February 2022

LinkedIn Profile Edits


Your ‘About’ section was condensed to 4 lines with a ‘see more’ option.

I was excited to see that you can now have live links (websites / emails) in the about section on the app.

These live links are also available for your experience section.


Your activity and recommendations are now positioned to grab more attention on the desktop version.

I’m a big believer in social proof and have almost 350 LinkedIn testimonials (not to mention another 300 across Google and Trust Pilot).

Would you buy from someone with no online reviews?


The Accomplishment section had a makeover.

A lot of people neglect this area. I think it’s a missed opportunity as there are so many ways to showcase your credibility and expertise.

How can you give yourself the X-Factor so that you can stand out among the 875 million members?

(Publications, Patents, Projects, Honors & Awards, Test Scores, Languages & Organizations) 


Services Page

I was excited to see that we can now add up to 8 bits of media to the services page feature. It’s a great way to display additional social proof.


Ring My Bell

I finally got this feature 🎉

You can now see the bell icon on the top right hand side of someone’s profile. By clicking the bell you’re kept in the loop and see all their posts.

My advice would be to follow the bell of your clients, suppliers, partners, prospects and favourite connections.

Asking someone to ‘ring your bell’ is one of the most impactful CTAs on content.



You can now add your personal newsletters to your featured section to encourage subscribers.


March 2022

Career Break


LinkedIn rolled out a new section on your profile called ‘Career Break’.

This was a great addition which can be used to explain redundancy, maternity leave, bereavement, extended sick leave etc.


Profile Video

The cover story video was replaced with ‘profile video’.

This is a 30 second video that sits behind your profile headshot photo. The top changes are:

  1. People can now message you from within the video
  2. The orange / ring around the video changes to purple / blue (more on brand for me 😉)
  3. Analytics on viewer numbers
  4. Topic suggestions


Service Page

Your services page now synched automatically with your company page.


Newsletters on Company Pages

Newsletters from company pages are good to go! Similar to personal newsletters, subscribers get a notification every time you post to your newsletter. LinkedIn also sends a one-time notification to all of your Page followers when you start your newsletter, helping your content gain immediate traction.

There are 1.5 billion company page impressions per month on LinkedIn. Are you making the most of your page?


April 2022

Company Page


Invite to Follow

  • Employees can now invite first-degree connections to follow their employer’s LinkedIn Page.
  • As a page admin you can invite first degree connections to follow the Page using the mobile app.


New Creator Tools

In addition to the profile video and the ability to feature your newsletter on your profile, the following were also rolled out

  • A new level of detail (impressions, reshares) is rolling out on post analytics. The current date range is the past 7, 14, 28, 90 and 365 days. Make sure you’re noting what your top performing posts are and do more of that.
  • Content alerts to help your followers stay connected

LinkedIn released the attached guide with best practices for:

  • Posting on LinkedIn
  • Writing Articles on LinkedIn
  • Sharing Videos on LinkedIn


Audio Events

Live captions were automated for all LinkedIn Audio Events.


May 2022 

Profile Link


If you are a creator (and have creator mode switched on), you can now showcase a website link on your profile and customise the text. It shows up under your location & contact info.

➡️ Click on the edit icon (pencil) of your introduction section. It’s the second pencil you see underneath your cover banner area.

➡️ Scroll down to the very bottom to the Website section.

➡️ Add your URL and link text. Mine is: How I help you get clients 👈

➡️ Click Save.

Check out my profile to see it in action!


Group Analytics

New analytics for group posts rolled out which allow users to see engagement data from the group post. A lot of people disregard groups on LinkedIn, I’ve always found them to be a great way to grow your network with like minds. If you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to make more out of LinkedIn, you can join my group HERE



Video trimming is now available in the mobile app.



There will be better filtering for polls going forward. To quote LinkedIn,

“We’ve heard feedback that there are too many polls in the feed. We’re taking steps to be smarter and show you only those that are helpful and relevant. That means fewer polls from people you don’t know and more from those you’re more likely to engage with from your network.”


Terms and Conditions

LinkedIn updated their T&Cs. Here is a short snippet:

❌ Do not use an image of someone else, or any other image that is not your likeness, for your profile photo.  Stop using your logo here folks, people trust and connect with fellow humans!

❌ Do not engage in sexual innuendos or unwanted advances. We don’t allow unwanted expressions of attraction, desire, requests for romantic relationship, marriage proposals, sexual advances or innuendo, or lewd remarks. I met my husband online, it was on a dating site and NOT LinkedIn! Know your audience folks!

❌ Do not use our invitation feature to send promotional messages to people you don’t know or to otherwise spam people. There has been so much spam since the start of the pandemic, let’s hope it stops soon and people realise that social selling is all about building rapport and not about selling in the first DM! I don’t know about you but I never go on LinkedIn thinking ‘what will I buy today’ 💳

You are encouraged to report violating content but there are exceptions:

“Content that would normally violate the letter of our policies may be allowed in cases where the content is being shared for awareness or to condemn. In these cases, we may label and obscure the content for members who may find this content sensitive or disturbing, or otherwise do not want to view it. However, we won’t remove the content or penalize the author for posting it.”

You can learn more HERE


June 2022

Ways to Control Feed


If you’re one of those people complaining about your home feed remember that you’re in control of your personal brand and what you read / see…

Click the three dots in the top right hand corner of a post to see options including:

  • Unfollow a contact
  • Remove a connection
  • Report / Hide a post

If you choose to hide / report a post you can choose from further options incl:

  • Not seeing as much content from the author
  • Not interested in the topic
  • Old / repeat content
  • Report the post



The algorithm is developing to show you:

  • Updates that matter from your network – you will see more posts from people in your network that have comments from people in your network.
  • Posts from “thought leaders, industry experts, and creators who are talking about things relevant to your career or everyday work” who you follow.


Finding Posts

You can now search for a post in the search bar using a creator’s name and keyword phrase.

The laughter emoji finally was rolled out in June!! It feels like longer eh?


Lead Generation Form on Your Company Page

This feature is now in full swing and you can see it on my company page for My Super Connector. If you’ve not yet got the feature you need to:

  • Add the form by Editing your page and adding a Lead gen form under leads.
  • You can currently choose a call to action from ‘contact sales’, ‘request free demo’, ‘start free trial’, ‘get started’.
  • You will need to link to a privacy policy on your website.


Respond as a Page

If you’re keen to raise awareness of your business and page you can now comment, react and share any post in the feed as your company page versus as an individual.


LinkedIn Articles & Newsletter

Hashtags and mentions within the body of an article or newsletter are now allowed. This will help your post to be seen by more people.


Event Comments

You can now comment on the events page or post (on desktop). If you comment, other attendees will not be notified of the comment, but comments will be shown in the activity section of your profile. On a LinkedIn live event, comments on an event post will be displayed before, during and after an event. Comments on the page in real time will be shown during the replay of the video.


Company Page Invites

An increase to the monthly maximum of invites to follow pages has been extended from 100 to 250 monthly credits. Do you use yours?

Last but not least, LinkedIn shared their latest Transparency Report.

You can find out more HERE


July 2022


If you invite a user who has creator mode turned on, to connect, you automatically start to follow that user.

Share a post now has two options:

  • Repost – share the post directly without adding any comment.
  • Share with your thoughts – to add your comment, mention people or add hashtags.


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn launched 3 new features for Groups:

  1. welcome new members
  2. automatic member approval
  3. review new posts

Fellow Group Owners – like any roll-out it can take some time so be patient and you’ll get them a few weeks. You can learn a bit more HERE


Company Pages / Newsletters

Company page newsletters now have their own section in the page Home page feed which makes them more easily accessible increasing subscriber rates.


August 2022



LinkedIn shared how the news feed algorithm works to decide what shows up in your feed. You will see:

  • Content relevant to your interests (conversations from your network and people you follow).
  • Content from companies you follow.
  • Sponsored content.
  • Content LinkedIn ‘believes you may be interested in’.

The algorithm filters out low-quality and unsafe content. To influence what you see, LinkedIn recommends you:

  • Connect with people you want to hear from.
  • Engage with content when it interests you.
  • Follow hashtags, companies, pages or people.
  • Join a group. I’m attaching my group for female entrepreneurs.
  • Subscribe to newsletters and influencers.

Use the three dots on a post to tell LinkedIn what you don’t want to see and why. Time to stop complaining about your newsfeed and take control!

If you want to read more about the algorithm click HERE


Follow me on LinkedIn

You can now generate a code which creates a ‘follow me’ button for LinkedIn.



If you post from a mobile device, you can add stickers to images or videos.


Clickable link

You can now add a clickable link to your posts (image or video with text).



Templates rolled out – I can’t say I’m a fan and don’t tend to see many of them.


LinkedIn Live – Networking Tab

LinkedIn introduced a ‘networking tab’ to any event page.

Attendees are personally sorted for you by:

► 1st degree Connections

► Attendees from your industry

► Attendees in total

You are able to message all attendees even if they’re not in your network – similar to being a fellow group member.


September 2022



LinkedIn introduced the option to schedule posts within the platform.

► You can tag in people and companies

► You can schedule up to 3 months in advance

► You can change the schedule time once a post is in the queue

► You must at least one hour ahead of submission

I’m not using it yet as you can’t yet schedule newsletters, post to groups or company pages and not all content types are supported.


Focused Inbox

The inbox now shows the ‘Other’ tab as well as a ‘Focused’ tab similar to Microsoft Outlook. According to LinkedIn,

“Your most relevant messages will appear on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible on the Other tab.” 


Open Tab Links

When a link added to a post (profile or page) is clicked, it opens in a new tab alongside the current LinkedIn one already open. This will make it easier and faster to move between a post and its link and back again.


October 2022

LinkedIn Profile


A new section rolled out to each member’s profile page showing:

  • When a profile was created.
  • When the profile was last updated.
  • Whether the member has a verified phone number and / or work email associated with their account (get rid of those yahoo, google or hotmail accounts folks)


Accessibility Features

A range of updates have been announced to improve accessibility for LinkedIn users:

  • Auto-captions for video content – when you upload a video clip, you will have the option to activate automated captions. You can add them as they are available or you will be able to review them before they are published. Check out this great newsletter from Gillian Whitney who breaks it down. Don’t forget to come back here after 🤣
  • High contrast – users will be able to turn on high contrast when watching videos on the LinkedIn app. This will adjust the colours to improve accessibility for those with visual disabilities.
  • “Accessibility” has been added to job titles to give more recognition to accessibility roles. You can also now set an alert for new jobs when they are posted on company pages. You’ll find these under the Jobs tab.


LinkedIn Company Page 

The ‘bell’ feature arrived so you can now ring to closely follow the pages of clients, leads, partners, peers and anyone who tickles your fancy.


Page Commitments

“Our featured commitments” is a new section of the LinkedIn Page that allows your organisation to showcase your most important values for job seekers and potential partners. These commitments will be featured prominently on the About section of your Page. You can include up to five commitments in your featured commitments section, such as:

– Diversity, equity, and inclusion

– Career growth and learning

– Work-life balance

– Social impact


Environmental sustainability

After selecting your values, the featured commitment section allows you to host content that demonstrates your commitment to these values, including videos, reports, certifications, and blogs beneath each one of these values.

Click here to read the formal LinkedIn blog post on these page updates.


LinkedIn Algorithm

Every year the wonderful © Richard van der Blom releases a report on the elusive LinkedIn algorithm which is ever changing.

Check out his full report HERE


November 2022

2022 Edelman LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Report


You can check it out HERE Key takeaways:

► The report reinforces that your business MUST stay top of mind.

► LinkedIn is the #1 B2B platform, if you want to survive the economic downturn it must be a critical part of your 2023 strategy.

► Empowering employees to create quality original thought leadership content versus simply sharing from the company page is the way to go.

► Referrals count. Build your business to business community.

►As budgets tighten, procurement processes will get tougher.


December 2022

► You can now add SEO titles and descriptions to articles and newsletters.

► You can now search for products in the search bar using the products filter.

► In LinkedIn Groups questions can now be highlighted with the hashtag #QuestionForGroup – this is designed to increase engagement.


Phew – there you have it… my year end round-up. 😅

This was just a taste of some of the updates as there were a LOT!


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