22 Oct 2018
The LinkedIn Challenge

We live in a time where personal brand and reputation is everything.

When it comes to your LinkedIn personal brand, your cover photo / banner is prime advertising space.

I like to think of it as your personal billboard so ask yourself what is your current cover banner saying about you?  Make sure that you are making the most of this valuable space in order to raise brand awareness.

There are over 575 million professionals on LinkedIn so you need to inject a bit of your own personal X Factor and having a professional branded cover photo versus the generic blue background shows that you have invested in your brand.  This helps to build on the know, like and trust factor and shows that you are willing to stand out.

You may think that you are just in a job / career or simply selling a product or service, but you are actually selling yourself as today people buy people and what they stand for.

With a professional design, you can let people know at a glance who you are and what you offer.  You can also add in a call to action.

Out of everything you do on LinkedIn ( whether it’s connecting, posting, articles, groups, engaging with content, doing live video, endorsing, introductions etc) there is one key thread and commonality.


Your Profile is attached to all of it so make it work for you.

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile will rank very highly on Google? It often appears before your website if you are a business owner.  You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression so it’s imperative that the first thing people see makes an impact.

Not sure how to create a cover banner or what to put on it?

Watch my video about how to make one with Canva……



Lastly – if you want to take part in the LinkedIn Challenge with myself and Sarah Santacroce sign up here.

I’m part of the expert team of The LinkedIn Challenge. Give us 10 days, 10 minutes a day and we’ll show you how to unlock the power of getting more clients on LinkedIn.  

The next challenge will be in November 2019 so you don’t want to miss out!  Sign up NOW.

The LinkedIn Challenge Team


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