Your time is precious. I have created my LinkedIn Profile Success course to be as flexible as possible, so you can easily slot this into your week.

Designed to demystify LinkedIn, I provide simple, step-by-step instructions to help you craft the perfect profile without needing to spend hours at a time working on it.

By the end of completing LinkedIn Profile Success you will have:

  • An optimised profile which will show up in search results
  • A boosted profile which will attract your target audience and start to generate leads
  • Credibility with your ideal clients
  • Confidence to reach out and network on LinkedIn
  • Motivation to unlock all the business benefits that LinkedIn offers
  • Perhaps you are new to LinkedIn and have lots of questions?
    What should you include in your profile and where? What does all the LinkedIn jargon mean? How do you get started? You have no idea where to begin and that is even before you think about posting content or making new connections.
  • Or you are already on LinkedIn but don’t use it regularly?
    You’re embarrassed by your profile. You’d like to reach out to potential clients and business connections but are worried that it lets you down and doesn’t reflect your expertise.
  • Maybe you have been using LinkedIn for a while but aren’t sure what the fuss is about?
    You are doing all the posting and connecting and engaging – but are still not seeing any results from this. Where are the leads that everyone else seems to find so easily on LinkedIn? It is frustrating and you are beginning to wonder if it is worth the effort.

I know from my own experience just how powerful LinkedIn can be, as I have successfully used it to build my brand as an employee and entrepreneur and grow My Super Connector.

Connection has been at the heart of my career. As LinkedIn became the best platform for online professional networking, I started to focus my attention on how I could use this to initiate those connections.

When I first started using LinkedIn, I had many questions about how I could make it work for me – and there seemed to be a lot of jargon to bust through.

However, I discovered that getting my profile right helped everything else to click into place.

I felt more confident in reaching out to new connections and soon found that people were actually coming to me. My optimised profile was showing up in search results and included the key information that resonated with my target audience.

I’ve put everything I learned from all those hours spent researching how to leverage LinkedIn into my course. You can skip that trial and error stage and move straight to taking advantage of all that LinkedIn offers you as a business owner and professional.

What if I told you that success on LinkedIn starts with getting your profile right? And that I can help you to do this, with a step-by-step process giving you all the tools you need to craft that perfect profile?

Think of it as the foundation for your activity:

  • Your profile works hard for you even when your attention is focused elsewhere – it is your 24/7 presence on the platform.
  • A good profile will attract your ideal clients like a magnet and start generating leads for you.

It should certainly be your starting point if you are new to LinkedIn. And it is the first thing you need to return to if you are on LinkedIn regularly but not reaping the rewards.


I have helped thousands of business owners & professionals get to grips with LinkedIn. You can hear from a few of them here in their own words…

Before I met Jennifer I was quite ignorant about the potential of LinkedIn and how much more I could do with my profile. Jennifer did a fantastic audit of my profile and gave me an in depth report on what I could do to improve it. She then spent time with me going through every element so that I fully understood how to maximise my profile and how to actually make the changes and navigate LinkedIn. Jennifer really knows her stuff and was incredibly patient with me! I highly recommend Jennifer’s services if you want t

Anna Hemmings MBE OLY

I realised that there was lots I didn't know about the functionality and key purposes of your profile page such as the ability to upload media and how best to put your summary together. I could put Jennifer's recommendations into action immediately. I feel much more confident that my Profile now represents who I truly am! Thank you!

Shelley Kelly

LinkedIn Profile Success includes:

  • An introduction to navigating LinkedIn
  • Nine in-depth chapters, breaking down each of the elements that make up your profile
  • Video tutorials that are easy to watch with visual prompts
  • Audio files so you can listen and learn on the go
  • PDF files to download and read through whenever suits you
  • Practical tips and exercises
  • Real-life examples
  • Unlimited online access
  • Digestible content broken into bite-sized chunks

The video, audio and PDF options allow to choose how you prefer to learn. Work at your own pace, whether you want to go through the whole course in one go or dip in and out whenever you can.

What would it mean for your business and career if you could make LinkedIn work for you? If you could raise your visibility with your ideal clients? If you were seeing daily leads coming directly to your inbox?

Getting your profile right is key and LinkedIn Profile Success helps you to do just that.

And with my bonus bundle of resources, you will be well on your way to maximising LinkedIn for your business. These include:

1. My handy Profile Checklist, which you can use as a template to make writing your profile a breeze.

2. Plus the ultimate LinkedIn profile visibility hack, details on how to measure your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score and more!

Need more accountability?

Once you have completed the course, you can book in for a LinkedIn Profile Video Critique or LinkedIn 1:1 strategy session.  We can go through your completed profile together and discuss content and connection strategy.

My 1-1 Zoom consultations include a follow-up, so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to check you are on the right track and to think about your next steps.  I have really packed a lot of value for you into the course.


All good courses come with a guarantee…

I’m confident that LinkedIn Profile Success gives you all the tools you need to create your perfect profile. But if, after accessing the course for 30 days, you can’t see how all the tips within the course can help you, I’ll refund your money. As simple as that.

With my 30-day guarantee, you can get started today with nothing to lose! Click on the link to enroll now.

LinkedIn Profile Success gives you the tools you need to:

  • Increase your visibility on LinkedIn
  • Improve your credibility with your target audience
  • Target your ideal clients
  • Start generating leads
  • Feel confident in using LinkedIn effectively

Once you have your fully optimised profile in place, you will be ready to unlock all the business benefits that LinkedIn offers.

Once you have enrolled on the Teachable platform, you have immediate access to the course and can take it completely at your own pace. Dip in and out of the chapters and improve your profile step-by-step, and you will soon be on your way to LinkedIn Profile Success!

Are you ready to get started?!

The investment in the course is £297.