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Is your LinkedIn profile holding you back?

The first step to reaping the benefits of LinkedIn is a fully optimised profile that works hard to showcase all you have to offer 24/7. Once you get this right, you will find opportunities and leads begin to flow naturally to you.

If you don’t have time to devote to an online program or training my LinkedIn profile critique is perfect for helping you achieve FAST RESULTS.


Is any of this familiar?

You set up your profile a while ago but haven’t touched it since – you don’t know if it truly represents who you are and what you do.
You have no confidence using LinkedIn – you know your profile needs some work, but you have no idea where to begin or what information you should focus on.
You are overwhelmed by all the different options – you’re not sure if you have completed all the sections properly and whether you are making the most of all the available features.
You aren’t generating any leads or connection requests – you don’t know if you are showing up in search results and if people are even looking at your profile.
You are making headway and gaining traction on LinkedIn but are not attracting your ideal target audience.

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I have helped thousands of business owners & professionals get to grips with LinkedIn. You can hear from a few of them here in their own words…

Jennifer’s LinkedIn Profile Success course was a really valuable piece of learning. Although I’m an experienced LinkedIn user and have advised university students, MBAs and career change clients on making the most of the platform for their career development, I still came away with some new knowledge of what works well in a LinkedIn profile right now. Another reason I think I found it so useful is that as a relatively new business-owner, I am adapting how I present myself on LinkedIn to reflect this new role. Jennifer clearly knows her subject extremely well and has provided a systematic course that guides the learner through each section of the profile, provides great best practice exam

Becky Kilsby

I simply cannot thank or recommend Jennifer enough. Jennifer helped me in a number of ways. Firstly she helped me to gain a better idea and understanding of LinkedIn. Then she helped me to redesign my profile point by point. Finally, Jennifer kindly introduced me to her network. Through her connections and my updated profile, I managed to secure my current role which I am thoroughly enjoying. Using the pointers and tips she showed me, I’ve been using LinkedIn as my number one channel for Business Development and creating sales leads. I’m extremely grateful to Jennifer. Her warm personality, helpful guidance and generous nature has given me the confidence to use a tool which has really ma

Carl Barrow

My LinkedIn profile was a little haphazard before I took Jennifer's LinkedIn Success Course and now it's so much more clear and focused.  Jennifer leads you through every aspect of LinkedIn and I thought I already knew quite a lot but I was so mistaken! This platform has a huge amount of features I never knew existed never mind maximised. I highly recommend this course, even if you think your profile is good - you will learn so much and finally stand out. Thanks Jennifer!

Kitiara Pascoe

I spoke to a few service providers before settling with Jennifer's service offering, and it was indeed the best decision.  I opted for the video review and that was the right thing for me.  What I like most about her service is that she goes the extra mile, raising my awareness of small but significant changes that I could make early on to change the outcome of my visibility and access on LinkedIn.  I always say, the best people to work with are those that are passionate about what they do and Jennifer certainly strikes me as a heart centred person who really cares about her clients and meeting their specific needs.

Yvonne Witter

Jennifer promises to help you create a profile that you're proud of and she certainly does this! I'm happy to admit that I am really proud of the professional profile I now have. I already had an All-star profile at the outset, yet I still learned a number of really useful tips and tricks that I was able to quickly implement with Jennifer's expert knowledge and guidance. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to update their LinkedIn profile to make it a true reflection of their value.

Melanie Coeshott

I feel excited about using LinkedIn again after months of inertia. Jennifer gave me so many tips on how to improve my profile, she definitely gives value for money.

Minal Patel

How my LinkedIn Profile Critique works:

  1. Fill in a short questionnaire which gives me the essential information I need about you and your LinkedIn goals.
  2. I then take a look at your profile and record a 30 minute video review, covering my first impressions along with a detailed breakdown of each section. I also touch on your activity (posts, articles, documents and comments).
  3. You receive the video within 5-10 working days.
  4. You follow my step by step instructions.
  5. You start to get more views, connections and leads.

The LinkedIn Profile Critique is the best of both worlds for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, the perfect blend of my 1-1 and DIY services at only £397.

Investing in your profile is an investment in your future.

You have a brand.

The question is: are you the one in control of it?

No matter what you do for a living, LinkedIn is the best and most efficient place to grow your brand.

During my video critique I’ll give you specific suggestions and things you can do to instantly improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile.

Yes, I want my LinkedIn Profile Critique!

Is my LinkedIn Profile Critique right for you?

This is a great option for you if:

You know your LinkedIn profile isn't doing you justice and doesn't include the key information that will resonate with your target audience.
You want an expert eye to look over your profile, plus advice on how to make use of the many new features LinkedIn has rolled out recently.
You don't want to spend time figuring out how to do it all yourself with a course, but are comfortable implementing the changes I suggest.
You want to use LinkedIn to generate leads or find a new position.
You don't want to invest your time and money in my 1-1 strategy session but do want the benefit of my knowledge and experience customised to your situation.

If this is you, my LinkedIn Profile Critique gives you everything you need to create an effective profile that truly reflects who you are and what you offer.

Once you have this, everything else clicks into place. You will feel more confident reaching out to new connections – and you will find those connections and opportunities coming straight to you as your visibility and relevance is strengthened.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have your LinkedIn profile up to speed as fast as possible with my personal help?

Click the button below right now to start making LinkedIn work for you with a profile to be proud of.

A bit about me…  

I’m Jennifer Corcoran, an award-winning LinkedIn Trainer and Strategist, teaching entrepreneurs and executives how to super charge their LinkedIn profiles and connect with finesse.

My own experience has taught me just how powerful LinkedIn can be. I’ve used it to build my brand and grow My Super Connector. Now, my vision is to empower people to leverage LinkedIn to drive positive change in their lives and others.

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