How to step out of the shadows and make an impact – even as an introvert, empath or highly sensitive person

Hi, I’m Jen, 

Thanks for taking the time to check me out!

I grew up with a BIG fear of visibility and being judged.

Maybe you can relate?

As an introvert, empath and HSP I’ve always liked keeping a low profile and going under the radar.  I love helping others to shine – from a safe distance 🙂

Maybe you’re an accidental business owner like me and have had to learn how to step out of the shadows and embrace the online world?

If I can do it – so can you! 

When I was 3, my mother was diagnosed with mental health issues and I was constantly afraid my friends would mock her and me for being different.

At ten, I was gifted my first typewriter and spent hours typing letters to pen pals dotted around the globe.  I’ve always loved written communication. 

My first job after graduating with an English degree was an Editors Assistant in a tiny cubicle looking out to sea in Sandymount, Dublin with no people around me and this suited me perfectly as an introvert.  In short, I hid!

After a year exploring Australia in my mid 20s I moved to London.

I knew it was a no brainer to be on LinkedIn to help me with my career but I felt really intimidated by how to use it and ‘cringe’ toot my horn!

What do you do when you’re fearful of something? You learn about it…

I started studying a social media diploma and fell in love with the online world.  I could show up authentically without leaving the house and position myself in a way I wanted to.

I raised my profile and became known among my peers.

I entered my first award at the age of 40 to spite an old boss 😉

At my annual appraisal he scored me low on networking and I entered ‘the most networked PA in London’.  And I won!

Life often has a way of giving us a gentle, or in my case, a painful nudge toward taking action and realising our true purpose.  In 2013, I slipped a disc in my back.

Forced to step away from my successful career in the corporate world, it was time to follow my intuition and true calling as a connector.

Fast forward to today and I’ve helped over 700 amazing women showcase how brilliant they are so that they can reach their ideal clients through their LinkedIn network.

I love nothing more revamping your LinkedIn profile and presence so it matches the quality of your services and attracts higher-paying clients.

When not working with fabulous purpose driven ladies you’ll find me exploring South Devon by the sea with my husband Mike or binging on a good tv series.

If you’re ready to stop being a best kept secret, head to my contact page and book in a free call with me.

Everything starts with a simple connection.

I’ve got you!

Your Lead Jen x


“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Brené Brown

5 Things I Stand For:

  1. Honesty – always open and honest is the only way to be. Lead with vulnerability. Being upfront about the challenges is the catalyst for positive change.
  2. Accessibility – Anyone can be part of this. Whether you’re a LinkedIn newbie, a cynic or life long introvert. I adapt to fit what feels right for you and in a medium which suits your learning style.
  3. Connection – I champion the power of connection and joining dots in our networks to build lasting relationships. I think humans first, technology second. Social interaction and how to be part of the conversation can be learnt.
  4. Kindness – begin with kindness. It enables learning and opens our minds to new ways of doing things. Generosity without expectations then pass it on. Feels good huh?
  5. Synergy – finding common ground and ways to truly work better together to create breakthroughs, fresh thinking and more powerful solutions. You can almost feel those neurons firing. A lot of people diss the word ‘synergy’ as a buzz word or for being inauthentic but for us genuine connectors it still rings true!

Charities and Sustainability

I’m working on offsetting my carbon footprint by funding climate projects and planting trees where they’re most needed with Treeapp.