You Don’t Have to be the Loudest Person in the Room

So much of the time, what you want feels just out of reach.

You know where you want to be, you might even know who the people are that you want to be on a level with, working with and being chosen by.

But how do you get yourself seen when the world is so busy? When you feel like you’re invisible in a sea of faces?  In my years as a networking specialist, I’ve discovered that one thing and one thing only is the deciding factor.


Time and time again, it’s been the people I’ve met and reached out to that have changed the fortunes of my business, my peers and my clients.

And as I’ve grown my network and continually strived to form meaningful connections with people from many different industries, I’ve seen first hand how those connections and conversations ripple outwards and help others.

There is nothing more powerful than meaningful connections, especially in our online world. And what’s a meaningful connection?

It’s a human interaction. Whether it’s a friendly message across LinkedIn and a compliment on someone’s business or a coffee and a chat face-to-face after sending them a quick introduction, people work best with people they know.

I didn’t purposefully set out to become a super connecter, but as I moved through my career and forged connection after connection, referring people I’d met to others and forming huge collaborative networks, it was perhaps inevitable!

How did it all start?

I was gifted my first typewriter at the age of 10 and it soon became one of my most prized possessions. I spent endless hours typing letters to as many as thirty pen pals dotted around the globe. An early sign of my penchant for LinkedIn, all things social media and my instinctive knack for connecting and nurturing contacts.

I went on to study Honours English and French at university.  On graduating I decided that I didnt want to become a teacher or a journalist (the irony that I now teach and write is not lost on me!). Ive always been a lover of travel and decided to spread my wings, working in Belgium, Holland and Australia before heading to London.

I became an Executive Assistant and was adept at juggling and throwing to do lists in the air on a daily basis. I enjoyed a background role for 15 years and helped support others to shine in the spotlight.   On the face of it, I was thriving financially but one thing held me back my fear of social media and how to best use it.  I started studying a social media diploma with Pitman Training and the rest as they say is history.  I became known among my peers and this resulted in me winning several regional, national and international awards and raising my profile.

Life often has a way of giving us a gentle, or in my case, a painful nudge toward taking action and realising our true purpose. In 2013, I slipped a disc in my back.  Forced to step away from my successful career in the corporate world, several months of recovery presented me with time to reflect. The defining realisation was that it was time to follow my intuition and true calling.

I knew that it was connection that was the single most powerful tool we have to get to where we want to go, learn from others and meet incredible mentors along the way.

I had seen so many people give up on their dreams because they couldn’t get a handle on forming connections and networking was too much of a scary word.

And I wanted to help.

LinkedIn is the best platform on the web to initiate connection amongst professionals and yet it’s often under-used by those who need it the most.

My Super Connector is committed to helping service-based business owners to achieve visibility, to have a voice and to create and add value in their lives.

Everything starts with a simple connection.


Beyond my personal network of empowered men and women I count my husband and the love of my life Michael as my greatest champion. True to form, we met online and are happily married and based in beautiful Shaldon in South Devon.

What lies ahead?  

My mission for My Super Connector is focused around the fact that you dont have to be the loudest person to get noticed, youve simply got to be the most effective.  If you need help getting your voice in the room get in touch.  Let me help you connect, collaborate and thrive.


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