My Super Connector Meets Laura Robinson


1. Tell me a bit about your business – when it started and what are your main services?


I help business-builders write their own online content with my copywriting courses plus hands-on VIP service. If you need help writing attention-getting, engaging website content that converts – I’m your woman.


2. What was the main driver for starting your own business?


Both my sons have special needs (autism) so a regular 9-5 while they went to a childminder wasn’t on the cards. When they were 4 and 2 years old, the juggle got too much, I quit my job, and began my quest to work from home.


3. What gets you up in the morning?


Usually a cat sitting on my chest.


4. If you could change one thing about your first year (or first few years) in business, what would it be?


I spent too long earning a terrible hourly rate as a freelance copywriter because I didn’t have faith in what I was doing, and I didn’t know how to change my business and get more control over the work I was doing. I should’ve spent less time hunting for work, and more time looking for a business coach and networking groups where I could learn from others who were further along than I was.


5. What is your biggest achievement to date?


9 years in and I still haven’t had to go back to employment. And this year I took both my boys out of school to home-ed them – something that is only possible because I enjoy the flexibility of being my own boss.


Laura Robinson Coffee


6. What has been your biggest challenge?


Juggling being a mum with work. Carving out time to work and prioritising it over other more visible tasks – like laundry and cooking.


7. What would be your number one tip for other entrepreneurs who want to develop their personal brand (related to their industry / specialism)?


Something that helped me was to look at other brands and styles to help me realize what I am not. I noticed that lots of entrepreneurs with online marketing services or products were high energy, extroverted, bright colours, buzzy…..and I’m not. If we were at the beach, they’d be on a surfboard and I’d be snuggled under a blanket listening to the waves. I am calm. I like to keep things simple. So I looked at other brands, wrote down the words I associated with the brands (because I like words, but you could use colours or pictures I guess), and sorted them into three categories: ‘that’s me’, ‘nope-never’ and ‘not bothered either way’. That really helped me develop an idea of what I wanted my brand to communicate.


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8. What advice would you give to other women thinking of starting their own business?

In the beginning, when you’re not yet making money, it can be feel so difficult to justify time spent away from family, friends and domestic responsibilities. But money isn’t the only reason you’re doing this, or you’d just go and get a job. Remember all the other reasons you’re in this.


9. Lastly, which social media platform has helped you get the most customers to date and why?

Facebook has been key to my business. Being in business-focussed groups helped me understand my audience, meet new clients and get support from other women trying to make it as their own boss.


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Laura Robinson is a digital copywriter and creator of the Worditude VIP copywriting and content marketing service for entrepreneurs.  She helps business-builders create online content that connects with the same power as a personal conversation. She has a business degree, 8 years experience as her own boss, and 10+ years experience in online marketing….and a profound aversion to writing about herself in the third person….so she’s now off to self-soothe with coffee.



This interview was conducted by Jennifer Corcoran, LinkedIn Consultant & Trainer, Founder and CEO of My Super Connector and Host of LinkedIn Local Croydon.   Jennifer regularly writes and speaks on the topics of social media, personal branding, networking and being an introverted entrepreneur.  If you need help with any of your profiles mail  You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @SuperConnector.


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