My Super Connector meets Tara Howard


1. Tell me a bit about your business – when it started and what are your main services?

The Venus Awards started back in 2009 to recognise and reward hard working inspirational women in business.


Tara Howard and Venus Awards Bus


2. What was the main driver for starting your own business?

As a mother of 4 and running the family hotels business I was working day and night every day balancing home and family life the best I could.    I was nominated for the Dorset business awards as Entrepreneur of the year but unfortunately didn’t make it through as a finalist.   It was all men that did.   This made me think – what is there out there for women like me.  That is when I decided to start the awards.


3. What gets you up in the morning?

I’ve been told more than once that I have changed someone’s life, they have gone for a promotion, lobbied parliament, made a significant change in their life simply because they were nominated for a Venus.   There is nothing more powerful in my mind than making a positive difference to someone else’s life – so every day I am to make more difference to more people.


Venus Awards Final Tara Howard


4. If you could change one thing about your first year (or first few years) in business, what would it be?

That is a really difficult one.  I choose to believe that it is through I errors that we grow and get better.  They are our learnings.   If I hadn’t made the mistakes I would not have grown.    So I choose to change nothing.


5. What is your biggest achievement to date?

I’m really pleased to have launched the Venus Business School earlier this year which is already making a difference and helping women grown in their career and personal lives.  I’m also quite proud to have launched my first Track earlier this year and made it as a number 1 best seller ahead of the Greatest Showman!  Oh – I forgot – becoming a commercial pilot at the age of 22.   That was a huge achievement for me at the time.


Tara Howard when she was a commercial pilot age 22


6. What has been your biggest challenge?

It’s got to be blending business and family life, it’s always a challenge but I have done my best to help my children be self reliant which in the long run has made them more confident and competent human beings.


7. What would be your number one tip for other entrepreneurs who want to develop their personal brand (related to their industry / specialism)?

Make yourself stand out, be different and be consistent in your brand.


Tara Howard on cover of Venus Magazine


8. What advice would you give to other women thinking of starting their own business?

Do it, start small, see how far you can get without quitting your job, get help from others, contractors, virtual PA’s.    If they are on a lower hourly rate than you it may pay to stay with your job as long as possible and initially use your paid income to supplement any wages while it is all taking off.


9. Lastly, which social media platform has helped you get the most customers to date and why?

That is a difficult one, I think they all have their place.   LinkedIn I guess is the best for clients however Facebook is more fun.


10.  What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment was when my daughter aged 23 told me she wasn’t sure yet what she wanted to do with her life and said “I wanna be like you”.   A few years before she had been a challenging teenager, it made the complete turnaround so sweet I starting dancing round the house singing the song from jungle book!   I will never forget that moment and cherish it forever.


Tara Howard with her family 2005










Venus Movement Logo



Tara Howard


Vivaciously inspiring, she is a passionate and successful female entrepreneur with an inspiring story to tell… With recent appearances on ITV’s This Morning Show, and also on Eamonn Holmes OBE’s Talk Radio, Tara has become well known as a dynamic, engaging personality who carries a powerful message. She is all about helping people to have the confidence to influence and shape events that impact their family, workplace, business, and communities.

Never shy of a challenge – Tara managed to find the time to follow in her mother’s footsteps and qualify as a commercial pilot and flight instructor at the age of 22, and then not long after with her husband helped produce a large-scale opera in Toronto and New York.

Tara has always been eager to share her love of travel and adventure with her children. With them she has trekked to Everest Base Camp, cycled from London to Paris, twice finishing in the London to Brighton Cycle, has completed the Bournemouth Pier-to-Pier Swim and traversed a Nepalese Glacier. For her next challenge she is set to kayak across the English Channel with her youngest.

A mother of four, Tara knows first-hand the many challenges facing women in their careers as well as the joys and opportunities of being a working mother. Tara is passionate about helping empower more women to develop their self-confidence, to get the recognition they deserve, and to obtain all the success they need, no matter what their line of work.

Her most recent venture is releasing her new Track at Amazon and on I-tunes – “It’s a Matter of the Mind.”



Tara’s experience in business has taken her around the world. She first moved to London at the age of 18 and bought her first property at 22. She later returned to take over her family’s hotel business, transforming a historic hotel to a premier wedding destination and the number of weddings hosted per year from just three to over 100.

As Founder of the Venus Awards Tara’s aim is to recognise and “enhance the status” of women in the UK and around the world for decades to come. With her abundant confidence energy and business expertise, she is ensuring that the Venus Awards (coined by channel 4 as the “working women’s Oscars”) becomes the UK’s premier community for recognising and rewarding working women in the UK.

Tara partners with and influences women and men around the world. She strategizes with them to help them work together better and nurture change.

She is fast becoming a figurehead and influencer for women in business

Tara is Editor at Large of the Venus Magazine, host of Venus TV and podcaster to female entrepreneurs. She has been recognised with an Honorary Leadership Award by Leadership Awards UK along with industry leader Andy Street CBE, previously CEO of John Lewis.



It’s a matter of the mind…

Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEO’s, Business Leaders, Authors, speakers, coaches, looking to develop the kick-ass confidence to reach a new level of performance and success.

Do you want to boost your self-esteem? Or master your mindset so you can go big and play a higher game than you are now?

Become confident to take the flight to a new level of success in relationships, business, or health?

As a specialist confidence coach and your own personal confidence co-pilot, Tara will help you look at life and your work with fresh perspective, identify where you want to be, explore what’s holding you back and help you move forward with clarity and commitment.

She will help you get crystal clarity on your goals, values, and purpose enhance your confidence and unleash the power to show up in the world in a way that is authentic, bold, make a difference make an impact.

Working with Tara you will become unstoppable, you will develop the power to do what you love or be who you really want to be. Be that person bold enough to share your dreams and desires and go after them publicly.

Confidence is vital, and mindset is the key to all success in business and relationships, the confidence mindset isn’t something we should shy away from it is something that we need to master.



This interview was conducted by Jennifer Corcoran, LinkedIn Consultant & Trainer, Founder and CEO of My Super Connector and Host of LinkedIn Local Croydon.   Jennifer regularly writes and speaks on the topics of social media, personal branding, networking and being an introverted entrepreneur.  If you need help with any of your profiles mail [email protected]  You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @SuperConnector.


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