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Clare is a specialist physiotherapist who runs several London-based practices. She was keen to build her social media platforms but had limited time and was unsure how to go about this. With unclear results from her previous efforts she was inconsistent in her approach. Clare was keen to network and build referral pathways to support her work in ergonomics and workplace health but felt disheartened by a poor result with LinkedIn so far. After a recommendation from someone in her network she called me for advice on what to do, and after some consideration decided to invest in my LinkedIn Audit.


How My Super Connector Helped:

Reviewing Clare’s LinkedIn profile and activity gave me plenty of ideas that she could easily put into practice. I gave her advice on adapting her profile and personal statement for a sharper, more focused position within LinkedIn, and also suggested ways for her to build a network that’s more relevant to her needs and interests. Given Clare’s expertise, I also suggested she start posting articles on LinkedIn, and even consider doing a video to enhance her position as an expert and increase her approachability.


What happened:

Clare really took my suggestions on-board, and I was delighted when she bit the bullet and added a video to her profile. With a stronger sense of confidence in her profile, she’s connecting, posting and engaging with real skill and seeing very positive results as a result.

Claire has seen strong results including:

  • New business thanks to the new referral pathways she’s built after engaging with others in her network and groups on LinkedIn.
  • A new revenue stream. She’s met with ergonomics companies after connecting with them on LinkedIn and discussed clinical issues and potential distribution opportunities with them.
  • New private sector partnerships after connecting with past colleagues she’d lost touch with.


Clare is really pleased with the results:

“The personalised information Jennifer has given me to improve the profile has been spot on and she has taught me how to use LinkedIn properly so I can now continue to build my network. Jennifer has been very professional, responsive and empathetic to my lack of knowledge. No question too silly! I have also recommended her to several of my peers and would encourage anyone wanting support with their social media platforms to contact her.”

I’m always so pleased when my clients recommend me to their connections, and have her permission to share this:

‘Hey Rebecca – I worked with Jennifer Corcoran (aka The SuperConnector) for my LinkedIn audit and am soon arranging a small social media platform training session with her for clinicians! I would highly recommend her – one off fee and she will give you a personalised plan of how to improve things. I have already made back the money I spent on the audit within 1 month through new business and connections!’

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