Carl Barrow

Carl Barrow

Through the guidance and support that Jennifer provided, her friendly warm attitude, step by step action plan to update my LinkedIn profile and CV, Jennifer used her network to introduce me to the right people. After months of feeling stuck, within just a couple of weeks of seeking Jennifer’s help, I was able to find a new job. One which I am loving and feel much happier and fulfilled.


Carl came to me and admitted that he was feeling unhappy, frustrated, unfulfilled and stagnant in his previous role.  He felt overwhelmed by the size of the task at hand and unable to make the necessary change on his own.

What happened:

Carl is really happy with the results.

“I simply cannot thank or recommend Jennifer enough.  Jennifer helped me in a number of ways.  Firstly she helped me to gain a better idea and understanding of LinkedIn.   Then she helped me to redesign my profile point by point.  Finally, Jennifer kindly introduced me to her network.  Through her connections and my updated profile, I managed to secure my current role which I am thoroughly enjoying.  Using the pointers and tips she showed me, I’ve been using LinkedIn as my number one channel for Business Development and creating sales leads.  I’m extremely grateful to Jennifer.  Her warm personality, helpful guidance and generous nature has given me the confidence to use a tool which has really made a difference in my career.  If you’re thinking of working with Jennifer, just do it, you won’t regret it.  It’ll provide a great return on investment financially, boosting your confidence, help to transform your LinkedIn profile and growing your network connections.  Thank you Jennifer 🙏🏻.”

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