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Wow! After struggling with LinkedIn for some time, I thought it might be time to get professional help. I called on Jennifer for a LinkedIn review, hoping she’d be able to give me a few tips to improve my LinkedIn results with as little pain as possible.  What Jennifer delivered was well beyond my expectations. 

Jennifer’s advice is tactful, well-presented and very results-driven. Her natural desire to help shines through in the advice she provides; I really felt Jennifer was keen for me to thrive, and that I wasn’t just “another client”. A blend of old-fashioned common-sense mixed in with some really whizzy techniques means I have a far better understanding of how to make LinkedIn work for me and a strategic approach.  Thank you Jennifer!



Laura enjoyed used LinkedIn sporadically and passively, limiting her engagement to accepting connection requests and occasionally liking a post. Uncomfortable with looking “pushy”, she stayed away from posting on LinkedIn and avoided commenting on posts. She was keen to understand how to use LinkedIn to grow her business.


How My Super Connector helped:


Laura had a lot of potential to increase her presence and engagement. Some changes were as simple as adding a professional photo and making her headline more explanatory. Helping Laura better understand the value of posting regularly and of publishing her own LinkedIn Pulse articles meant she could position herself as an expert and help raise her presence within LinkedIn.


What happened:


Laura adopted the changes I recommended and has seen a huge leap in her enjoyment of the platform. With a larger and more interesting network, both of other copywriters as well as potential future clients, she’s more confident in her presence, regularly commenting, posting and publishing LinkedIn posts. Her success has startled her with brilliant levels of engagement on some posts, helping grow her confidence and improve her presence. Her improved presence has also meant potential clients are now reaching out to her via LinkedIn as a direct result of her LinkedIn involvement.


Laura is thrilled with her results: “Jennifer’s expertise was invaluable.  LinkedIn has become an invaluable part of my business to the extent that I now can’t imagine working without it.”


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