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Melissa Fretwell White Camino

“To be brutally honest, I had been avoiding getting truly stuck in to LinkedIn until I met Jennifer at a conference we were both speaking at. Her energy and enthusiasm for the platform encouraged me to try The LinkedIn Profile Success Program which is an online course with a Zoom 121 strategy session. I am now a convert. It was so thorough and well presented, with actionable insights I can apply to my marketing agency, White Camino, I highly recommend. Oh and watch out, I will be flexing my new LinkedIn muscles shortly.”


Melissa is a marketing consultant with an extensive background in Entertainment marketing from many a misspent year in the Broadcast industry. She decided upon an epic life change, escaped to Ibiza with the family and launched White Camino. A fresh lean marketing agency set up to support challenger brands, charities and social enterprises. Launching just before lockdown she spent the majority of her time creating the web presence, delivering projects and ended up neglecting her LinkedIn profile.

How I helped:

Reviewing Melissa’s LinkedIn profile and activity gave me plenty of ideas that she could easily put into practice. I gave her advice on adapting her profile and personal statement for a sharper, more focused position within LinkedIn, and also suggested ways for her to build a network that’s more relevant to her needs and interests. Given Melissa’s marketing expertise, we could converse quickly and easily, focussing on the tips and tricks which would optimise her profile.

What happened:

Melissa didn’t take much convincing. She started to perfect her profile, building out the space for copy rather than holding back, editing her profile image, joining new interest groups, try out voice and video messaging. I could also introduce her to like-minded people within my network which has already resulted in new leads and some fascinating conversations.

In Melissa’s own words:

My Background

  • Melissa is the founder of White Camino and has over 15 years’ experience of telling marketing stories from entertainment brands at UKTV and Channel 4. She’s a chartered marketeer and CIM mentor. She thrives as a brand and marketing strategist specialising in nailing jelly to the wall and working with fascinating challengers from the creative industries, to parenting, solar-powered catamarans and hemp clothing.
  • She launched White Camino earlier this year after seeing so many smaller businesses with huge potential and no bandwidth to join the dots. She loves a high energy brand workshop.
  • She’s also a creative advisory board member of youth charity Ideas Foundation. As Business Director of Hoxby, an award-winning freelance collective, she dives into projects for clients new to TV like Etsy and broadcasters like ITV and Crunchyroll.


I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer through a lockdown festival conference. We were both on the bill for the same day and we shared our thoughts about the event in the run up. It was back in the early weeks of CV19 when video conferencing with multiple rooms was a bit of a scary new beast. We instantly hit it off and it got my thinking afresh about my play on LinkedIn.

Initial views of LinkedIn

Before working with Jennifer, I had used LinkedIn as the platform for trade PR announcements and job hunting.

I was keen to reappraise it after becoming firstly freelance then a founder. Fellow founders warned me off advertising on the platform and paying for the premium service. Understanding that other social media platforms are pay to play, I was sceptical about how much I could do organically.

I also hadn’t even scratched the surface of the LinkedIn groups, that could be really interesting.

Post audit views of LinkedIn

  • It is actually a very active and current platform to network and share professional ideas.
  • Increased confidence that my profile looks good, so when connecting I feel more professional and happy that my profile represents exactly what I do and my values.
  • I have more relevant discussions on my feed as I have connected with the right people (not just within my profession, but other influencers on LinkedIn).
  • More confidence on how to connect and ‘speak’ to those I message.

Examples of ROI

  • Renewed confidence to comment and interact with like-minded professionals
  • More targeted sales messages from companies who actually offer something I might need.
  • Linked back with old work colleagues from literally years ago who had gone solo

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