01 Apr 2020
Time for Global Connection

There has never been a better time to connect, communicate and network with confidence on LinkedIn.  We are all connected. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world.

It’s a very small world really.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing my first LinkedIn Live hosted by the wonderful Jane Jackson, based in Australia and joined by the amazing Shelly Elsliger based in Canada.


Time for Global Connection on LinkedIn


We met naturally on LinkedIn and are all LinkedIn Trainers featured in the #LinkedInRockstars list created by the brilliant Brenda Meller (based in the States).

You can catch up on our latest chinwag by clicking the link below and seeing how a LinkedIn Live works.  I’m curious, have you checked out many lives or recorded your own?  As an introvert I’m always a bit shy to embrace the power of video but like social media it’s not going anywhere.  In the current climate of Coronavirus video is uniting us now more than ever.

The LinkedIn Live feature allows individuals and organisations to broadcast live video content to their network in real time.

To join a LinkedIn Live you simply need to follow or connect with the host and you will see the notification when they go live.

If you want to host a LinkedIn Live you will need to apply to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster by completing an application. LinkedIn will only notify you if your application gets approved.

To host a LinkedIn Live you will want to check out Streamyard – this worked really well on our joint collaboration.


LinkedIn Live Jennifer Corcoran


Check out the two campaigns being pushed by the ladies #decidetobekind and #TimeForGlobalConnection.  I would urge you to put them in LinkedIn search for a spot of positivity to brighten up your day.

Enjoy and I would love your feedback!

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